The Glimpse: December 2019

This month has been full of parties, decorating our street (see below for funniest moment), snuggling with my weighted blanket, hanging with friends and wrapping up all 2019 editing! It’s been an amazing year and I’ve been able to work with THE MOST incredible couples and clients. Thank you thank you for the support you’ve shown Eleanor Stenner Photography this year! To view each month of The Glimpse, click here.


Favourite Moment

Two different groups of people hung out at Rach + Ethan’s house for dinner two nights in a row, and it was the best to stay up late to celebrate Christmas together! We ate great food (shout out to my one true love, corn), played the most tame game of Dirty Santa ever, watched Ron Swanson sit by a fire and told our most embarrassing moments. I love living in community — it’s what we’re all made for.


Favourite News

Our neighbour got engaged! Emily, Stewart, Andrew and I sat in between our trash can and a car to photograph this sweet proposal! Steven and Sharon have dated for the majority of this year, and we’ve loved getting to know her over these 10 months. It was a privilege to watch him get down on one knee, then pop out to surprise them! I’ve photographed many a proposal, so I don’t get nervous anymore, but it was hilarious to bring my friends in on the fun. They jumped every time a car came by and were so giddy. I loved every minute! We’re so pumped for the future Stones! (not that Sharon Stone, she’d like to clarify!)



Funniest Moment

Well… we hung a star in the middle of the street. You, see, my neighbours and I are great friends and decided we wanted to string lights between our two houses! Andrew strung a long cable from his chimney to one of our trees, and we constructed a star with rope lights. It took (Andrew) about four days and he poured a lot of sweat into this project! We love telling people about it… so if you’re in Homewood, let me know and I’ll tell ya to come by! 🙂 Also… why are we so awkward at group pictures?!


Homewood Star


Favourite Personal Picture

That one time we almost broke the internet with our pilgrim picture. This Thanksgiving, I convinced my family to dress up as pilgrims… since we are actually pilgrims! I made the worst hats ever (ha!) the night before, rummaged through our dressing up bin and we tromped toward the pirate ship that lives in our backyard (don’t ask!). At first, my family was skeptical. But the final result found them laughing and loving it! I think this was one of our best creations to date 😉 Peep, the British flag on the right. God save the Queen. #MakeAmericaGreat(Britain)Again



Favourite Education

I started and finished Jenna Kutcher’s Pinterest course and am so pumped about implementing all I’ve learned! I’ve put this course off for months because I knew it would impact my work in a positive way. And honestly? I was super scared! But I’m glad to have taken the plunge and further my business in this new medium!


Favourite Photograph

Wow, this wedding was amazing. Andrew + Taylor’s wedding will forever be a sweet memory for me. God’s kindness was upon the whole day and it was as smooth, fun and magnificent as could be! Check out their lovely wedding here.


What I’ve Been Working On….

Blogging — have you noticed?! I love writing blog content to help clients plan their dream wedding, let you guys into my personal life and share every session I photograph! Blogging has become a natural process in my workflow over the years, and I love it because my journalistic writer side comes out! My favourite type of computer work includes creating intriguing blog copy and dreaming up social media strategy.


Pun of the Month

Who’s the smallest man in the Bible? Peter. Because he slept on his watch. Ha!


That’s all for December, peeps! Click here to see each month’s wrap up!