The Glimpse: December 2018

Favourite Moment

Being with my family over Christmas. It’s a shame Alex didn’t get the red memo…

Funniest Moment

My Dad’s church produces “The New Hope Christmas Tree” every year for six nights in a row. 10,000 people attend and 546 people made a commitment to Christ!!! It’s an incredible ministry. But what’s also incredible? Jon + Ellis’ hair on this little guitar riff.

Favourite Personal Picture

These are my girls!!!! I lived in a house with six girls my first two years out of college, and it was a bit of a revolving door (hence the eight people in this picture). This was our fourth annual Stable Christmas Party, and it’s always a joy to hang out with these friends.

Favourite Photograph

Did you even have to guess? Gretchen + Ren’s wedding day in Kentucky was a pure dream and you can view their wedding day here.

Favourite Piece of Encouragement

My phrase for 2019 is “simple pursuit.” My friend Rachael designed this for me and it’s on brand (which makes me happy) but it’s also a great reminder. I want to simply pursue Jesus, relationships, work and health!

What I’ve Been Working On….

EDITING. Non. Stop. I’m thankful to have finished everything before Christmas to enjoy time with my family.