The Glimpse: February 2019

February, you really impressed me! Looking back on this month, there was so much that happened, and I’m thankful to have spent a ton of time with friends, exercising, making yummy food, going on a Bible study retreat, serving at church and shooting weddings…. I feel full and more energetic than ever!


Favourite Moment

Probably standing under a waterfall with lifelong friends! The lighting is terrible haha, but the friends are quality. We went to Noccalula Falls in Gadsden, and it was a really fun hike and view.


Favourite News

I had forgotten that some great friends of mine were the videographers for Julie + Alex’s wedding! It was the best day!


Funniest Moment

Lainey (my friends dog and my best bud) reading the Bible with me one Tuesday afternoon. I had worked at Rachael’s house that afternoon and Lainey came to snuggle as we were preparing for small group!


Favourite Personal Picture

Sooooo many great moments! Overnight retreat with my small group to study scripture….

…Swing dancing with Julie at her wedding! Who says the photographer can’t dance?!

…Shooting for and celebrating my church‘s missionaries at the missions kick-off service!

…Experiencing the first Sunday in two locations on campus as our church undergoes construction the next six months!

…Celebrating family birthdays and baby dedications!

…Entertaining my sister when she came to town for Step Sing!


Favourite Education

I made some new friends this month! I joined a Photography Mastermind Group with these five photographers from across the country. We’re going to have a meeting once every quarter, and the first one started so well by talking about goals, our backgrounds and photography strengths/weaknesses.


Favourite Photograph

Where to begin!? I looooooved my shoot with Alex in a daffodil field.

Julie + Alex’s wedding keeps taking the cake…

…and experimenting with more styling was too fun!


Favourite Piece of Encouragement

I wrote this on Instagram the other day and figured I’d share…

“In Eden, God made it known that there was a tree from which Adam and Eve shouldn’t eat. It was a tree that held the knowledge of good and evil – a weight that God didn’t intend for humans to bear. It was a tree that stood as a declaration that God held the keys to the beautiful mystery of sovereignty. He knew that possessing that knowledge would be painful and confusing for the human race, and His instruction was for Adam and Eve’s protection. It would protect them from struggle, disunity and desire for control.

Yet, Eve listened to the sly snake one day and ate of the tree. Her eyes were suddenly opened to her wrongdoing – how she questioned God’s good intention – and it made her cower in shame. The days of blissfully walking in perfect union with God were over, and the struggle between sin and holiness began.

Oh, to be in Eden before the fruit was eaten! Oh, to not know the tension between sin and holiness! Oh, to fully trust the Saviour and not desire control! But, oh, the gift of grace that we now behold in Christ. The growing knowledge of our sin in light of God’s holiness makes the cross more beautiful and grace more lavish than we could imagine. We live between two gardens – the garden of Eden and the garden that will one day be restored (where all mystery will be revealed) – but in the meantime, we look to the Garden of Gethsemane for our salvation.”


What I’ve Been Working On….

Watching education courses, editing, clearing out photography equipment, submitting weddings to publications… It’s been a full month and I’m excited for March!