The Glimpse: January 2022

This month I shot at my church’s student weekend. 

Complete with line dancing, worship, teaching, a popcorn-laden floor and some of the best people. I’m super proud of my roommate Kelly who worked tirelessly and loves students so well.



This month I zipped to Piedmont Park for a session. 

Angela and Jake were well worth the drive to Atlanta for the day. We caught some phenomenal light and explored the expansive green space in the middle of the city!



This month I had a little photoshoot of my own! 

I love working with my friend Julie, and it was so much fun bringing her in on a secret project coming this week!



This month I shot some real sweet moments.

A friend from my home church, a friend from my current church and a friend who got married at a Greek Orthodox church. Loved working with each of these couples, and loved being at a wedding with my sister!



This month I explored Birmingham more. 

It’s one of my New Year’s solutions to eat at 2-3 new restaurants a month in the Magic City! I went to Porch, Shu Shop and Back40 in January, and I can’t wait to see where February takes me!



This month, per usual, I hung with the Milners. 

My peeps forever. From watching You’ve Got Mail to the every day stuff, I’m so thankful they’re in my life!



This month all my girls and I finally got together! 

We all live in the same city, but I don’t think all of us have been together since 2019 … WHAT!



This month we had 21 days of prayer. 

This was a massive highlight of the month … 21 days of praying with my church family at 6:30 a.m.! The wake up call was early, but the time spent in prayer was so sweet and fruitful. God is stirring something up, and it’s exciting to be a part!



It snowed, and I had some sweet time at home! 

The beginning of the year started off slowly which wasn’t my favourite, but I got pictures like THIS CUTE BUTTON NOSED BABY and snuggled under a blanket for a few nights.



This month I became obsessed. 

Big Spoon sipping chocolate, take all my money!!!! Wow, their homemade hot chocolate and marshmallow combo is so yummy, especially when it’s paired with a jaunt around Edgewood.



This month my DGroup girls came back! 

Samford’s campus is abuzz again, and I’m so thankful to have these sweet girls back!



January is usually a slower shooting month for me, with bigger projects and the year’s marketing plans taking precedence. I love camping out at a coffee shop, planning for content and resources to put out into the world while everyone else stays away from the cold. But this January was unique in that I shot three weddings and still managed to rest and crank out some new projects! It was a month of laying low to protect myself from COVID, but also a sweet season of connecting with friends. Hope you enjoyed this month’s installment of The Glimpse! If you’d like to see more, subscribe to my monthly email here and let’s be inbox friends!