The Glimpse: June 2018

June fleeeew by, peeps! At the same time, it felt like the longest month ever. I’ve been buried in work, shooting multiple times a week and honestly didn’t take a ton of personal images this month! I’m thankful to have captured three weddings this month (one for my best friend in England), traveled back to my hometown, taught a photography class and to have a flexible job where I can lay on the couch when I get sick!

Now, for your monthly delight, here is the June edition of The Glimpse: 


Favourite Meal 

WEDDING. CAKE. I am here for it, peeps!

Favourite Moment

Dancing in the kitchen, watching a movie, admiring the lake and chatting for hours with my best friends as we celebrated Danielle’s bachelorette weekend! Can’t believe this beautiful friend gets married in two weeks!

Favourite News

I’m comin’ atcha, Adobe Conference! A small team of us are flying out to Los Angeles in October to learn from the most innovative in the creative industry. Not to mention, it will be my first time in California!

Funniest Moment

Yep…. me wearing a hat. No additional commentary needed.

Favourite Personal Picture

I don’t know if the internet knows HOW MUCH I dearly love my small group! We’ve been meeting every week since August 2017 and working our way through studying the whole Bible. The Lord shows up when we meet together, and it’s been life-changing for all of us to dig this deeply into scripture. Note that Madison was FaceTime-ing us!

Celebrating sweet Katie and getting to spend time with Ashley was such a highlight of June!

I love when Rach directs weddings and I shoot them! She’s so talented and you should go by all her prints on Etsy. This was the second wedding we’ve done together and I hope there’ll be many more in the future!

You can read May’s wrap-up here. I’ll catch you next month for July’s version of The Glimpse… I can already tell you it’s going to be a GREAT one!