The Glimpse: July 2018

As I was writing this I thought, “Okay, what was great about June?” THEN I REALIZED I was wrapping up July! I can’t believe it’s flown by this quickly. I’m stepping up my game for this monthly wrap-up and have added a few more categories that I’m excited to share with you!

This month was a doozy, honestly. I convinced myself I had tuberculosis (didn’t really), spent hours on the phone with insurance (see favourite news), sent a lot of emails, went on a mission trip to Wales, celebrated my 25th birthday, danced with one of my best friends at her wedding, had a couple of newborn shoots, spent 18 hours in London and saw the most amazing sunset of my life. It was an interesting month for sure!

Favourite MealĀ 

A falafel, hummus, red pepper and lettuce sandwich on the beach inĀ Swansea, Wales. It was a quintessential day at the seaside….and such a good sandwich!!!

Favourite Moment

Walking around London with my childhood best friend for four hours. New York’s got nothing on London! Can you spot the palace and the London Eye? Kinda hard to miss! It was so surreal walking around together and catching up while walking through St. James’ Park, Piccadilly Circus, Westminster, Soho and the South Bank.

Favourite News

My car was totaled! Just kidding, that’s not my favourite news… but my car was actually totaled. God is so good to even prepare me for it and provide so evidently through many different ways. The great news is that I got a new car and the process was so smooth! Meet “The Grace Escape,” aka “Gracie.” Coming out of this experience, I’m so thankful to have seen the hand of God over my life.

Funniest Moment

I literally drove a pickup truck for a week! While my car was totaled and I waited for my new car to arrive, Roy the Rental was the only truck left on the lot. So I sucked it up, rolled my windows down, blasted country music, put a piece of grass in my mouth and tried to think of all the redneck things I could do while I had the chance! (just kidding)

Left: my face when I got the car. Right: the face when I was sad to drop it off!

Favourite Personal Picture

Alllllll my favourite Stable girls in one place to celebrate Danielle + Blake!

Walking back on High Street from Tesco (aka CANDY LAND). The street was deserted, it was quiet, it was just us four and we were about to serve for a whole week in Wales together. A sweet memory indeed.

Favourite Education

I just bought Justin & Mary’s studio lighting course, as well as Jenna Kutcher’s Pinterest Lab! I’m so excited for both and always get amped about new photography education!

Favourite Photograph

Seriously… you know me by now. There’s not just going to be one favourite picture!

This is sweet little Emma Elizabeth. I gravitate toward this picture because she’s so tiny, I love the composition and there’s just the right amount of pink. But really, you can never have too much pink!

Find Rosa + Brody’s engagement session here. I can’t wait to capture their August wedding!

The ever-talented and natural models, Lucy-Jayne and Drake of Drakeford. On the streets of Merthyr Tydfil, Wales, where flowers and ancient church buildings abound.

Most amazing sunset of my life over the Rhondda Valley in Wales.

Favourite Piece of Encouragement

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll find my series about #flowersandthegospel. I love pairing a seemingly meaningless image with significant words… and words just seem to be spilling out of me these days. Here’s a piece of encouragement that has been mulling in my mind for a while…

The Christian life is a constant tension between hard and happy, sorrow and joy. With every belly laugh, there’s a twinge of sad. With every desire fulfilled, there’s a deeper longing for more. With every birth there’s a reminder of death. And I’m coming to realize that’s how God made it. We aren’t to be surprised when we experience opposing feelings. Everything is meant to direct us to the day when the curse is reversed. We will be perfectly pure, healed and full when our Father comes to take us to Himself. A rose without thorns. There will be no more dichotomy – only wholeness. That’s good news for our souls today. A glimpse of heavenly hope.

What I’ve Been Working On…

When I’ve been on a normal work schedule (honestly only about two weeks out of this month due to the Wales trip and navigating insurance/doctors appointments after the wreck), it’s been a huge editing month! I’ve been reordering some supplies, editing away, writing a lot and prepping for shoots.

That’s it for now, peeps. I can’t wait to share August’s update with you!