The Glimpse: October 2021

This month my nephew was born! 

Isaac William Edwards entered the world on October 8, and our hearts all grew five sizes. Click here for his blog post, and look below for a collage of all three of my niblings (the new plural for nieces and nephews). Just makes my heart melt!



This month I chopped my hair! 

Four inches was a great refresh, and I’m loving not getting my hair caught in things all the time 😂  It was my first time ever going to a stylist that wasn’t my sister (she was out of commission with the newborn!) and it was a great experience.



This month we recorded music videos for Christmas!

My church is doing a Christmas TV special in early December, and we spent a whole week recording. Since I’m not on staff anymore, I just sang in two songs and wasn’t on set all week. But I’m proud of my friends who worked on the crew and can’t wait to see it! And you know I couldn’t resist shooting some behind the scenes 😉



This month I went to my first movie since COVID began! 

Some friends and I saw James Bond and MAN it was good!! Did anyone else stay until the VERY end of the credits to see what it said?? 🤩



This month I photographed some of my best friends! 

The Milner family have welcomed me in for years, and I had the pleasure of photographing their extended family pictures. It was a little intimidating, but such a fun evening with great people! Just do yourself a favour and look up Ethan and Rachael. They’re the greatest at their individual crafts!



This month I photographed my first set of mini sessions! 

Having babies, baby bumps, couples and families in front of my camera was so sweet for this fall’s first installation of minis! Click here for the full post.



This month I photographed some special weddings! 

Gosh almighty, I adore walking through this season with couples. It’s never lost on me that I’m let into very tender moments that will be treasured forever. October 2, October 9 and October 30 are days I’ll always remember because these people are amazing!




This month I went to the beach!

Some dear friends and I spent a Wednesday-Sunday in Rosemary Beach playing trivia, soaking in the sun, eating good food, laughing together and walking a lot. I love these people!