10 Helpful Marriage Books For Engaged Couples

There are so many books in the world that it can be hard to distinguish between a good and a great one! Having read most of these books about relationships or having friends who have done so, I can confidently say that they have been game changers and perspective-shakers. Each book is based on Biblical principles. Each book offers a different take. But each book focuses on equipping you to be the best spouse you can be as you prepare for the journey of marriage! I hope some of these suggestions are encouraging!


Meaning of Marriage.

I gift this to my clients when they book a wedding, because I think Tim Keller lays out a Biblical way to approach the importance of marriage. It’s an easy read that sets your heart and mind on the right things.


Love and Respect.

Do you ever feel like you’re in a “crazy cycle” where one person doesn’t feel loved and the other doesn’t feel respected? This book dresses exactly that, and how to move forward in a scriptural way. With the aid of this book, learn to love your wife and respect your husband… and vise versa!


For Men Only and For Women Only.

Fantastic, easy reads that let you into men and women’s heads, respectively. You can even read the book for the other person and underline things that matter to you, then switch books and read what the other wrote!

Mingling of Souls.

This was an encouraging book as you’re approaching engagement and marriage. Matt Chandler asks great, challenging questions in a gentle way.


You + Me Forever.

Francis Chan and his wife wrote this book with a heavenly perspective. It’s a refreshing read about seeing yourselves as eternal beings and wanting your spouse’s holiness more than your own gain.


What Did You Expect?

Many of my friends have read this during engagement, and it’s all about walking into marriage with clear, realistic expectations. Paul David Tripp knocks it out of the park!

The 5 Love Languages.

Have you ever taken the test? Knowing your love languages — how you give and receive love from people — is crucial to knowing how your spouse feels love.


Sacred Marriage.

Let’s cut to the chase — marriage is about showing the world a picture of how Christ loves His bride, the church. It’s an unconditional, unrelenting love that we human beings can show so poorly due to our sin! But what great hope this book brings to the covenant of marriage.


Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts.

Don’t we all want this?! It’s a great book about preparing for what marriage actually looks like and how to beat 50 percent!


Things I Wish I’d Known Before We Got Married.

This one sounds scary to pick up if you’re already engaged, but I can bet it will pay huge dividends as you enter a marriage aware of myths, truths and expectations.




Friend, I hope this season is sweet, fruitful and sanctifying as you dig into what it looks like to love your significant other as Christ loves His church!



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