15 Questions To Ask Your Wedding Venue

It can feel very daunting walking into a wedding venue, unaware of all the questions you need to ask in order to be well-informed! Each venue comes with its own set of rules and it’s important to be aware of all of them so you can choose a venue wisely.

Here’s a starter list of 15 questions to ask your wedding venue when touring for the first time! Oh, and if you need help finding one in the first place, here’s my list of dream wedding venues in Birmingham,AL!


1. Do you provide a day-of coordinator or will there be staff to help day-of? 

Many venues provide day-of coordinators, but some love an outside planner to step in.


2. Do you provide tables, chairs or linens?

This is super important! Don’t get stuck without tables, chairs or linens. You don’t want to be sitting on the floor. 😉


3. What time can we arrive on wedding day?

This impacts what time you’re able to coordinate with hair and makeup artists and what time vendors are able to arrive.


4. Do you provide set-up time?

Can you come the night before to decorate, or does that necessitate an added fee?


5. Do you have any rules against sparklers or send-off items?

Classic car companies are hesitant about sparklers being too close, and some venues don’t allow sparklers or non bio-degradable items.


6. Do you have pipe and drape options?

Sometimes you’ve just got to hide the ugly parts! Pipe and drape is always great to have on hand in case you need to close off a section.


7. What are your bar services like? Do you have a license or a bartender? Can we bring our own alcohol?

Like every venue, they require different things. Some provide their own bartenders, while others are content with you supplying the alcohol.


8. What are my parking options?

Downtown venues are notorious for having a lack of parking, but that’s part of the deal! Make sure to allow spaces for vendors and elderly guests.


9. How long does a typical reception flip take?

Some venues can flip in 20 minutes like the illustrious Barn at Shady Lane, and others take closer to an hour. If you don’t mind how long your guests participate in cocktail hour, but if you’re really ready to party, you might want a shorter flip process.


10. What is your plan B for outdoor weddings should it rain?

No one loves a rainy wedding day, so be up front and clear about how you’ll decide on a rain plan.


11. What is max capacity, and what is the sweet spot capacity?

Make sure it is the right size so there is a seamless reception flow and that your guests never feel too crowded at your wedding. Depending on the venue, they can have different capacities for different rooms, so make sure to clarify!



12. Can we bring our own decorations?

Decorating by yourself can be a challenge, but if it’s necessary for the budget, then double-check with the venue that you have permission to decorate!


13. Where can the band set up? Do you have good AV support?

Every venue should have this, but it never hurts to ask so you can communicate this to your entertainment vendor!


14. Are there any required vendors?

This directly impacts budget, so be sure to ask if the vendor has preferred vendors or required vendors.


15. Do you have getting ready space options?

This one can be a game-changer to help your day go smoothly. Moving locations definitely adds more details to plan and bags to pack, but it can be a big blessing to have your venue’s getting ready space to be home base for the bridal party.



If you take note of these questions to ask your wedding venue, you’ll be pretty prepared when it comes time to start planning! And if you still need help finding one, here are some of the best Birmingham wedding venues and six unique Atlanta wedding venues. For more info on weddings, photography, and other tips for brides, visit my blog!