Tiny Birmingham Wedding, Birmingham, AL: Ann + Jackson

“May our home always be filled with joy and laughter.”


That’s my favourite thing that came out of Anne’s mouth on her wedding day. It was during their vows — the most rock solid, Gospel-pursuing, spouse-honouring written vows I’ve ever heard.


“I’m great, because I get to marry lovely Anne today.” 


That’s my favourite thing that came out of Jackson’s mouth on his wedding day. It was forecasted to rain and so many things plans had come undone, but Jackson was getting to marry his love that day.


Ann + Jackson got married on their original wedding date, despite coronavirus. It was one of the most special weddings I’ve photographed because it was comprised of special details, special people and special vows they recited to one another. Because so many family members were unable to attend the wedding, the Bradfords (!!!) livestreamed the ceremony so everyone could see. It was such a special day, and I was so thankful to photograph it! Love you two immensely!!