10 Tips To A Stress-Free Engagement

Hey, friend.
You must be in the throes of wedding planning.
Having a hard time falling asleep because wedding details keep creeping up on you?
Drowning in emails from wedding vendors?
Missing your fiancée because you’ve had no time to hang out amidst planning?
As I’ve talked with brides and observed the wedding planning process, stress can take over and make the process unenjoyable. While engagement is a societal construct, I believe it can be a really intentional season of sweetness and preparation before your big adventure!
Don’t worry, I gotchu. Here are 10 tips to stay un-stressed throughout the process:


  1. Don’t plan your wedding. What? I mean it! Take one day out of the week and don’t plan anything. Don’t answer texts, emails or calls from anyone wedding-related (besides your parents!)
  2. Stick to a weekly date night with your fiancée. Having a blocked-off evening on the calendar each week creates intentionality, and it makes time spent together even more special. Read this post for date ideas
  3. Prioritize the big blocks. You can worry about the little details later! Groom, date and time, photographer, venue, family and an officiant is truly all you need!
  4. Ask friends to help. Don’t load all the pressure on yourself! You can have a girl’s night addressing invites, finding gifts for Mum and Dad or organizing your bachelorette weekend!
  5. Prioritize sleep and exercise. While your emotions are high with excitement and there are multiple decisions to make, you want to be making decisions with a clear and energetic mind.
  6. Keep your wedding in-budget. Financial stress can feel crippling, so try your best to stay within the bounds.
  7. Get outside everyday. Not as a check-list item, but to help clear your mind and give you perspective. Vitamin D is a beautiful creation!
  8. Set expectations. If your expectations are very high and nothing seems to be coming together, consider reevaluating. Unmet expectations are typically the cause of all frustrations!
  9. Acknowledge your priorities. What is your day about? If it’s not about how the invitation looks, don’t stress about it. If it’s not about how Auntie Sue feels, don’t stress about it.
  10. Spend time with your girlfriends. Soak up the singleness before the wedding, because you’ll miss living with your girls!

Hey friend, you’ve got this! One step at a time, and keep the goal in mind. I’m rooting for you!