5 Things I’ve Learned in 4 Months of Being an Entrepreneur

Upon hitting the four month mark of being an entrepreneur, I’ve been reflecting on what I’ve learned thus far.

When I was thinking about making the leap to pursue photography full time last fall, I had no idea it would come to fruition so quickly. You see, typically I’m terrified of decisions. I want to be 100% confident if I’m going to move forward, and I spend hours searching scripture, receiving counsel from godly people, noticing my circumstances and asking for peace. In mid-2017, I realized that photography really was the dream. But my plan was to be circumstantially settled in all aspects of life before I took a leap of faith… because who wants to leap into the unknown?! But God, in His kindness and omniscience, saw it fit for 2018 to be the time, and for this to be a season of refreshment! It was the easiest decision I’ve ever made. And I’m thankful.

Work is exciting everyday… pouring my heart and energy into learning, communicating, writing and providing a great experience for my clients is just the best gift. The glamorous part is that it’s my dream job! The not-so-glamorous part can be summarized in one word (I think you can guess it): accounting!

All of that to say, I hope to encourage and also give you a sneak peek into my life through this post! And thank you to Old Navy for providing, like, my whole closet. This romper will definitely be worn for most weddings from here on out!

You can’t do it all.

I caved and hired an accountant. I was never good at math. Numbers have just never been my thing. So it made sense that I was trying to do all my budgeting and tax work, right? Wrong! My kind brother-in-law helped me file my 2017 taxes, explained so much about finances and got me through my first quarterly tax payment (you’re a champ, Alex!!!). And my friend Kelsie helped me restructure my budget (you’re the best). But photographers are a strange species, and some Alabama laws have changed. So in order to keep up, get marching orders from an accountant to keep me on track and have somebody walk through sales tax with me (I mean, really), I researched a few accountants and settled on one. It’s taken a lot of fear from my mind, knowing that it’s in someone’s hands other than mine. Ha!


Some weeks will be weird. 

Work for me doesn’t always look like sitting at a desk anymore. Sure, a lot of it does, but when I have meetings with wedding vendors, coffee with other photographers and even sessions, that counts as work. And what a gift that is! So, even though some weeks are strange and scheduling may be a bit fractured, it still counts! I’m thankful for the flexibility of my schedule, but also have a healthy fear of the temptation to slack off, which keeps me motivated!


You have to work normal hours otherwise burn out will happen. 

The first two months, I was so excited about this new venture. I was working until about 7:00 p.m. and scheduling things with friends every night (if you haven’t realized by now, I’m not good at being spontaneous). Then the big weekend hit. I worked a full week, drove to Georgia, shot a wedding, drove back the same night, unpacked and repacked for the next day, hosted a booth at a bridal show and then proceeded to work another full week. That is, until Wednesday hit. I was exhausted out of my mind! That’s when I realized: I had to have a normal schedule. Because, honestly? The Bible says nothing about hustle. I don’t think that’s how we’re supposed to live. I believe we’re supposed to work hard, use our talents well and make wise decisions. Since that weekend, I’ve started to implement boundaries within the flexibility. Can I work until 7:00 p.m. if I’m really in the mood? Yeah, for sure! But that means balance on other days!


Commit your business to the Lord.

I honestly don’t know how I would live without the knowledge of God as my friend. I have no need to worry, be anxious or fear the unknown, because the Bible tells me that “the lines have fallen for me in pleasant places” (Psalm 16) and that God has plans “for a hope and a future” (Jeremiah 29:11). I can rest securely, knowing that even if some situations aren’t ideal, if finances fluctuate, if some weeks are discouraging… God still has good plans. He uses everything to sanctify us. And He always provides.


Exercise can be the very best thing. 

I’m diligent to go to the gym and go on walks during the week, because it really does wonders for me mentally and physically. I attend a gym and primarily go on walks with friends. It refreshes my mind, opens my eyes to other people’s lives and produces looooots of endorphins, which can be helpful things 🙂


So there it is! Thanks for walking with me these past four months. I’m thankful to be on this journey and am honoured that you read this!