3 Reasons to Have an Unplugged Ceremony

Have you ever heard the horror stories of large iPads being in people’s wedding pictures because Aunt Marge pulled one out right before the kiss? If so, perhaps you should consider having an unplugged ceremony.

In this digital age, you’ll be hard-pressed to attend a wedding where nobody has their phone. People love taking pictures, and the instant gratification of having a picture at your fingertips to share with the world at the end of a big day is pretty unrivaled.
However, this gets tricky when it becomes all about the pictures. I always tell brides, “Although pictures are timeless and they’re the only tangible thing you’ll take away from the day, a wedding is not a photoshoot. I want your wedding day to feel like a day that you’ll experience and remember, not a photoshoot with a rigid schedule. I purposefully build breathing room into all my wedding timelines so that you have time to enjoy the day!”

In this blog post, I’ll share three important reasons to jump on the unplugged ceremony train! Buckle up … let’s go!


1. Everyone is all-in

Imagine yourself at a concert pre-iPhone … all eyes are on the performer, people are swaying to the music, throwing their heads back with laughter and singing at the top of their lungs. Everyone is pulsing to the same tune, head bobs in sync and feeling the music.


It’s the same way at unplugged ceremonies: on the edge of your seat, soaking in the truths from the officiant’s mouth, revering the covenant vows, waiting for the tears or the choke in the groom’s voice. Then, the final kiss and declaration of marriage. When phones don’t distract from the momentous service, your guests get to fully participate, enjoy and interact for the 30 minute ceremony. It’s totally doable!


2. You don’t get phones or iPads in your pictures

As a photographer, it is the worst discovery to cull through the images to find Uncle Bob with a phone in his hand, blocking the most important shots. We worry, “Will the bride’s relative pull out an iPad? Will Dad insist on taking an iPhone picture? Will something get in the way of “the shot”?” Be kind to your photographer and relieve this pressure by asking your guests to leave their phones in pockets. You don’t want a big screen in these pictures, or in your face!


3. Your photographer is contracted as the sole photographer

Legally, if your photographer has a solid contract, they were contracted to be the sole photographer for the day. Guests who bring DSLR cameras or work their iPhone magic are technically breaching the contract. Save people’s time and phone storage by letting your trusted photographer shoot the important elements of the day. They’ll look better, anyway 😜
I believe having an unplugged ceremony frees people to enjoy more, focus on the important moments and spend intentional time with other guests. Don’t worry about how to say it either — simply put up a cute sign with this message: “We invite you to be fully present with us during our ceremony. Kindly turn off all cell phones and cameras. We promise to share with you all the beautiful images captured here today!” 
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