Calling All Gal Pals: Top 10 Ways to Celebrate Galentine’s Day!

The only ring I’m getting for Valentine’s Day is a ring pop.

But really. Valentine’s Day is my favourite holiday next to Christmas, so I love to go all out and let my friends know how much they are loved — single, dating, engaged or married! (Speaking of, read this book. Best I’ve ever read of its kind). If you’re strapped for ideas, here are my top 10 suggestions to help you celebrate Galentine’s Day.

Leslie Knope - Celebrate Galentine's Day!

1. Movie + popcorn + pyjamas (+ chocolate, OF COURSE)

Because, really, what’s a true girls night without comfy leggings, oversized sweaters, warm socks, high pony tails, no makeup, face masks, popcorn and chocolate? Okay, that was a lot of things, but I’m just being real! Celebrate Galentine’s Day by throwing on your warmest clothes, getting your girls together and watching something guaranteed to lift your mood. But avoid P.S. I Love You. This is no time for crying!


2. Dinner + dessert, because why not?!

Just because you may not have a date doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go out to dinner! Book your reservation like the rest of society, dress up and enjoy dinner with your best gals. Here are some great suggestions for around Birmingham:
Fancy options: Bottega, Bettola, Gianmarco’s
Mid-range options: East West, Bamboo on 2nd, Chez FonFon

galentine's day

3. Short out-of-town trip

I’m a big believer that escaping to the tropics cures a whole host of seasonal depressive feelings! I’ve never done it, but I believe it! Get some girl friends on board and book an Airbnb for a night to visit the beach!

galentine's day

4. Drop off chocolate + note on five friends’ doorsteps

So many people simply feel lonely on Valentine’s Day. It can be a heartbreaking day for some as they’ve longed for a relationship for quite some time. So, encourage your friends on this day! If you’re pressed for time on Valentine’s Day, this is a great option. Run to the dollar store to buy some cute cards, write a happy note, buy a few pieces of chocolate/candy and hand-deliver them either the night before or after work on Valentine’s Day. I can guarantee it will brighten their day!

galentine's day

5. The Great Bake-Off

Elf got it right when he suggested the four main food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corn and syrup. It’s very applicable during Christmas, and even more applicable on Valentine’s Day! Have a bake-off with your girl friends. Whip out the Kitchen Aid mixer, fire up the oven and bake something together, compete against each other or simply eat cookies. I’ve never had an instance where that’s gone wrong 😉

galentine's day

6. Clothes swap + potluck dinner

It’s a potluck night! Bring a dish to share and bring some clothes to share. I’ve loved living with roommates for the purpose of sharing clothes (and obviously many other reasons!). It will be good incentive to clean out your closet, refresh your closet with free clothes from friends and be a fun activity. Who loves a fashion show in the living room?! Just me?

galentine's day

7. Spa Day

Galentine’s Day is truly a day to treat yo’self! Book an afternoon at the spa with your besties and enjoy getting pampered with massages, mani + pedis, facials, and more. Bonus: book a package and split the cost between your friends to save money! 

Here are some of my local favourites: Escape Day Spa | The Retreat Day Spa | Poseidon Spas at the Grand Bohemian Hotel

Celebrate Galentine's Day - Parks and Recreation

8. Host the ultimate Leslie Knope brunch

If there’s one RIGHT way to celebrate Galentine’s Day, it’s with a Leslie Knope-style brunch. As the great parks woman said, “Every February 13, my lady friends and I leave our husbands and our boyfriends at home, and we just come and kick it, breakfast-style. Ladies celebrating ladies.” Celebrate with waffles (Leslie’s favourite), frittatas and all the other fancy brunch foods you can think of. Bonus: make sure all the Galentine’s Day episodes of Parks & Rec are playing in the background. 

Leslie Knope - Celebrate Galentine's Day

9. Volunteer to babysit for your married friends with kids 

Galentine’s Day is for alllll your girl friends, not just the single ones! Although it’s not the most glamorous way to celebrate, one amazing way to serve your married friends with kids is to offer to babysit so they can spend the much-needed time with their spouse on Valentine’s Day. 

galentine's day

10. Photoshoot (hehe hello)

Grab your girls, put on some leather or velvet, blow up some balloons and schedule a photoshoot! Taking pictures with friends is not only a fun activity; it provides some cute new pictures for your living space! And, if you’re interested in some professional portraits by your’s truly, visit my website to learn more!

Eleanor Stenner Photography - a Birmingham, Alabama Wedding Photographer - photographed annual Valentine's Day Mini Sessions!

I hope you celebrate Galentine’s Day to the fullest extent! You are loved, regardless of your relationship status, because King Jesus delights in you. Jesus Christ died on the cross to free us from the burden of sin, deliver us from hell to spend eternity in heaven with Him, and gives us purpose every day through scripture. Happy love day! Spread it around like confetti!