Back To School

Yeah I know, I told you I’d post frequently. Sorry that hasn’t happened the past few weeks. It’s been quite busy around here!

Well, to update you… I’m back at Samford for my third year, continuing my studies in Journalism and Mass Communication. I’m interning at a church in their media department. It’s a transition–a wonderful one, I must add–not being yearbook Art Director this year, but I think yearbook will always be a big part of my life–whether that’s in appreciating print publications or continuing to create them.

I’ve taken just over 1,000 pictures this month…that makes me a happy woman! August, December and May are the funnest months for photography because of the many events, free time and smiles. My camera is enjoying being used a lot and I’m enjoying learning more about photography! It’s a day by day process.

I’ll post a little more about how God’s teaching me in the next few posts. Meanwhile, what I know you clicked on the blog link to see: PICTURES! Here are a few from when Lecrae and Tedashii came to Samford’s “Your School, Your City” welcome back concert last week. Perks of being a photographer on campus? Press passes! Heyoooo standing 10 feet away from my main man. Also, pictures from my best friend’s birthday!


IMG_2634 IMG_2665 IMG_2680 IMG_2699 IMG_2701 IMG_2781 IMG_2821 IMG_2864 IMG_2889 IMG_2922 IMG_2954 IMG_2975 IMG_3024 IMG_3035 IMG_3102 IMG_3218 IMG_3222 IMG_3232 IMG_3249 IMG_3271 IMG_3277 IMG_3326