There is New Hope

Fulfillment is caught up in the word promise…if it wasn’t, promises would be compromisable commitments. God doesn’t do that. When God promises, He fulfills.

New Hope Baptist Church had the joy of seeing a fulfilled promise last weekend when we worshipped together in the renovated sanctuary for the first time. In New Hope’s long history, the congregation has been in multiple different buildings….each one bigger than the other to accommodate all the people God has brought in.

Around two years ago, the church came on board with a vision given by God to see millions come to know Christ by the ministries stemming from New Hope. In January of this year, we started the renovation of our current sanctuary at the North Campus in response to the vision, naming our campaign “Whatever It Takes.” For eight months we met in the rainbow room and student center, live streaming Dad’s sermons between the two rooms. God was exalted, and we as a congregation were taken out of our comfort zones!

Last weekend was a beautiful picture of fruition. The North Campus building was built debt-free. The carpet was no longer dark green–potentially the biggest praise of all! A great outpouring was anticipated. All members were ready for God to move.

Dr. Don Wilton, senior pastor at First Baptist Church Spartanburg and Dr. Billy Graham’s pastor, brought us a message that encouraged us to STIR UP our hearts, STAND UP and STEP UP for Jesus. Hundreds of people came to the altar to commit to doing so, and boy was it special. I am so thankful for kingdom-minded people I get to call family.

The greatest times in the mission of God are ahead. We and the worldwide church are hungry for a move of God! Just like John the Baptist, we must “prepare the way for the Lord” (Luke 3:4 NIV). Even though we must be fervent in prayer and prepared for God to move, the Lord does the transforming. The tipping point of revival is near.

I would love for you to take a look at some of these pictures from last Sunday and check out the iPhone app for sermons!

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