Beka + Alex | Brighton, England Wedding

I grew up with Beka, Alex and the whole gang in England until my family moved to America in 2005. Beka has stayed one of my best friends and has been a unique encourager in my life. Having studied at the University of Canterbury and Cambridge University, she’s one of the smartest, most driven and kindest 23-year-olds I know. Her heart is for education, developing countries and sharing the Gospel. She lives a Christ-like life and God is so evident in her! Alex is also extremely smart, hard working, funny and loves the local church. I can’t wait to see how the Lord uses this powerhouse couple!

When Beka asked if I would consider photographing their wedding last fall, I immediately said YESSS. No hesitation necessary! It was one of the sweetest honours of my life to photograph their big day. Let alone being at my home church in my hometown with some really special people. I shed a lot of tears on June 2!

Here are 10 reasons why this wedding day was an honour.

  1. Simply being Beka’s friend is a great joy. She’s encouraging, wise, prayerful, caring and down to earth. The day was so thoughtfully planned!
  2. Right before she put on her dress, I prayed for her as we hugged. As I said “amen” and began to pull away, without a moment’s delay she jumped in and prayed for ME. I’ve never met a more selfless bride and will never forget that sweet moment.
  3. I joined Beka + her Dad (Mike) in the vintage car on the way to the church. They held hands and she hummed in the back. Mike asked the driver to turn down a specific street, just so I could see my old house. On one of the most poignant days of his life, Mike thought of others first.
  4. Beka + Alex got married at their (and my) home church. Just a few minutes walk from the sea, Holland Road is full of passionate and godly people committed to the Great Commission. My family has been so privileged to serve at amazing churches. It took everything in me to keep the tears in as I recounted years of memories, saw familiar faces and listened as guests lifted up passionate voices during worship. Not one person in that room had escaped the impact of Beka and Alex.
  5. The week before the wedding, Beka and I sent WhatsApp voice messages back and forth, as we do most days. She said, “El, I’m just getting married. I’m not royalty or unapproachable, so please tell me how you’re doing today.” Even on her wedding day, I watched her take time to listen to people.
  6. Who else gets to join the bride and groom in the vintage getaway car?!! We drove 30 minutes with the top down through the countryside, and it will forever be one of my happiest memories. People waved and honked, and it was an immense privilege to photograph that time with them.
  7. Beka chose a catering company named, “Real Junk Food Project” which focuses on eliminating waste and giving to the homeless. Every order gives a portion to the homeless and truly reflects Beka’s heart for nonprofit work.
  8. Beka and Alex both have large families…who are incredible, funny and close. But the sweetest thing was witnessing their church family celebrate with them and have a hand in the day. Lemme tell ya, Holland Road people are the real deal.
  9. Alex isn’t a man of many words, but he makes his count…and is really funny when he gets going! In his speech, he said that Beka is not only his best friend and now wife (!!!) but also his role model. From talking with Beka, I know that he is her role model as well. He is prayerful, consistent, funny, hard working and passionate about the same things. I’m thrilled for these two!
  10. Yet again, it is the joy of my life to photograph weddings. To be the first to say “Mrs ____”, to dance next to the couple at the reception, to take images that make their way onto walls and to pray for them in the engagement process is a dream.

Beka, you are one of the most important voices in my life. Your words of wisdom far surpass your years, and you are one of the most consistent, godly and kind friends I’ve known. I hate that we live 4,000 miles away from each other, but I praise the Lord for WhatsApp allowing us to voice message every day! Beka and Alex, may you always allow the Lord to move you and shape you, and may your marriage be a reflection to the world of Christ’s love for His bride — whom He is coming for soon!

Dress Designer: Charlotte Lovell; Flowers: Velvet; Ceremony Venue: Holland Road Baptist Church; Reception Venue: Plumpton Village Hall; Photobooth: Magic Mirror; Cake: EB Cakes; Bridesmaid Dresses: Dorothy Perkins; Shoes: Little Mistress; Ring: from Egypt (no biggie); Robes: Boohoo; Catering: The Real Junk Food Project