Cameron + Ben: The Florentine

Say hello to my first wedding of 2024! It’s been a hot minute since I’ve had the privilege of sharing a wedding with you all, and I’m beyond excited that Cameron and Ben’s beautiful day got to be the start of an awesome year ahead!

We began at the stunning Cathedral of St. Paul, Cameron’s home church. As I admired all the gorgeous architectural detail of the chapel, Cameron and her beautiful bridesmaids got ready for the day ahead!



Cameron and her five bridesmaids brought the biggest smile to my face. There’s nothing sweeter than a bride that’s wonderfully supported by her best friends on the day when it matters most! Cameron’s mom joined the girls as well, and I loved capturing all the sweet moments between them.



Shortly after Cameron put her dress on, we brought her dad in for their first look. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house!



Next up, Cameron and Ben’s first look. Ben couldn’t have been more excited to see his bride, the anticipation was killing him! The energy before a first look is so special, there’s truly nothing else like it. Once the couple finally sees each other, it’s like they can finally take a deep breath. The crazy details and final decisions no longer matter, because they’re with the one they love!



The two had written letters to each other before the big day, and after reading them both, they presented the sweetest gifts to each other. Cameron gifted Ben with an antique pocket watch, and Ben gave Cameron a pair of gorgeous pearl earrings that she put on immediately! They added the perfect touch of elegance to her bridal look. Way to go Ben!



Afterwards, we stepped outside to the front steps of the chapel where Ben’s second surprise was waiting: a rented classic car! Cameron absolutely loved it, and the car was such a fun addition to our photos! The driver was especially helpful, and straightened Cameron’s train when we needed it!



January 20th was a freezing cold day, so we did our best to keep our outdoor photos to a minimum. After warming up inside for a moment, we slipped out to the front steps for just a bit longer to snag some bridal party photos. They handled the weather like champs!



We hurried in from the cold as guests began to arrive for the 12:00pm ceremony. I took some time to set up so I’d have the perfect angle as Cameron took her first steps down the aisle. The ceremony was perfect, and the smiles on their faces couldn’t have been brighter as they exited the chapel, hopped in that classic car and sped off to The Florentine for their reception!



Every element at the reception reflected Cameron and Ben. The goblets on their cake table were from The Other Club, the organization that led the two to meet. The coconut cake, tambourines, fun sunglasses and Denny dog snack pass (hot dogs from Bryant Denny Stadium, in case you’re wondering) perfectly capture what those two are about: having fun and cherishing the people they love most!



Just when we thought the evening couldn’t get any more magical, we made a plan with the driver to pull over in the middle of a busy bridge as the sun was setting! He quickly became our hero as he helped stop traffic enough for us to take a few portraits!



Photographing Cameron and Ben’s wedding day was such a privilege! I wish these two all the best on this new exciting journey they’re on together, and hope to see more of them in the future! Cheers to the Fosters!




Coordinator: @meganwyattevvents

Florist: @michael.sanchez.designs

Ceremony Venue: @stpaulsbhm

Reception Venue: @theflorentinebuilding

Hair & Make Up: @be_loved_beauty_

Bridal Store: @magnolialainebridal

Band: @emeraldempireband

Catering: @theflorentinebuilding

Cake: @pastryartcakes