Red Gates at Kelly Creek Wedding, Odenville, AL | Eleanor Stenner

We walked through weeds to get to the perfect spot and had a small debacle with some ants. They always love tulle dresses, I’ve come to find.

My lovely bride Meaghan was perfectly content all day… not fussed with faking moments but leaning into the day, embracing its every detail and hugging everyone she talked with. She was a true beauty with a laugh that you couldn’t ignore. Ross was equally calm and cracked a joke with every person with whom he interacted.

Then came ceremony time…

The doors in the middle of the field swung open and there she was… a blooming flower among summer-bound trees. With lips trembling yet maintaining a composed stance, Ross stood at the other end of the aisle and awaited his bride. His eyes welled with tears as he saw his glowing girl for the first time. Meaghan steadily walked down the parted grass to her groom, almost mimicking the picture of the Red Sea – saints rooting them on from both sides as she was led toward the promise of forever-protection.

Meaghan + Ross Beckham’s wedding day was a joy. Springtime showed off and their family and friends danced the night away until there were only 20 people left after the fake exit (when they ran through the sparklers three times… ha!). You two… may your marriage be rooted in the love of Christ and may you always strive to joyfully serve, make each other laugh and seek peace.


Vendor Team:
Venue: Red Gates at Kelly Creek | Coordinator: Desa Osborn | Catering: Happy Catering Company | DJ: Feel the Beat Entertainment | Florist: Pelham Flowers by Desiree | Dress: Davids Bridal | H&MU: Unfading Beauty | Cake: Cakes by Audrey | Paper Goods: Annabelle’s

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Really thankful for my amazing couples! Love these two and their delightful spirits a lot.