The Glimpse: April 2019

Here’s a monthly wrap-up of April 2019! So happy to share this month’s highs, fun times, photographs and learning moments with you.


Favourite Moment

When allll of your besties are together, it’s bound to be a good time! I lived with Danielle, Kelsie, Caroline and Lauren for two years and loved every second with these sister-friends. We really enjoyed celebrating Kelsie as she prepares to marry TJ on May 11! I can’t wait to photograph their wedding and double as her bridesmaid 🙂 We had the best time at Orange Beach earlier this month.

For an upcoming project, my friend Rach + I went to Valdosta, Georgia and New Orleans in two days to spend the day with two pastors. We spent nine hours with them each and it was incredible documenting their spheres of ministry. I even got to photograph a horse!


Favourite News

PEARSE IS HERE!! I’ve been in the same small group as Madison for 18 months and vividly remember the day she told us she was pregnant. It’s been a privilege to see her literally every week as this sweet baby grew inside of her. And now he’s out in the big wide world! Holding a tiny baby is one of life’s greatest moments. We love him so much! You can see his newborn pictures here.


Funniest Moment

As mentioned earlier, Rach + I took a trip for a big project! We had such a fun time together and she was the best travel buddy. After a comedy of errors traveling to Valdosta, I wrote a ridiculous poem:

“We woke up at the milner’s house around 3:30/4, and we groggily made our way out the door. We traveled to Atlanta with no connection flight in sight, and watched as our bags went on another flight. Slightly freaking out but laughing regardless, we realized quick that a cancelled flight was harmless. Our bags got redirected a couple of times but the saintly Ethan Milner called a couple of lines. Renting a car with chai lattes in hand, we drove to Valdosta, a beautifully Southern land.

We met Pastor Jay and documented his life. Shetland ponies, zebras and jokes, oh my! We heard stories of transformation and ate dinner with people fired up for the Gospel. I’m not sure what rhymes with that so I’m breaking a poem rule here.

Photographing, interviewing, contextual information really matter… when you’re working on a project that focuses on “kingdom character.” Golden hour was my favourite for pictures of his fam. We’d been going all day so it was a treat ending on family land. All the questions were asked, no subject left untouched, and by sunset we had learned much. He taught us about horses, ministry, foster care and mercy. We’re finishing this trip with full hearts and we’re a little thirsty (rhymes are hard).

Valdosta was full of surprises and smells… and the airport had only one baggage carousel.”


Favourite Personal Picture

Okay buuuuuut ACTUALLY I have the cutest niece and nephew in the whole world! I love Brynlee and Joshua with my whole heart and enjoyed being with them and my whole family for Easter. You can check out Joshua’s six-month session here.

Rach + Ethan took me on a sunset picnic, then I got to share all my favourite English candy with them from the Publix “ethnic aisle” (aka a very small section with the most delectable treats!). One of my favourite nights of the month for sure.

I always love when my bud Alex shoots for me! Our most recent wedding together was PERFECT – a super funny couple, a glorious day of sunshine, a chill indoor/outdoor reception with string lights and goofy selfies.

Favourite Education

Well, it’s not necessarily education, but I’ve found that watching a TV show while working has made me extremely productive! Oh, the irony. I’ve been watching Parenthood (any other fans?!) and it’s reminded me of the power of story and how that helps us to focus. TV has never been a big thing in my life and I never want it to be, but I’ve enjoyed tracking along with a story while working.

As for real education (ha!), I’ve loved Justin + Mary’s lighting course. They’ve turned me into an OCF fan for sure!


Favourite Photograph

I looooooved Meg + Walker’s session this month! We had a blast at the Botanical Gardens, traipsing through a ravine of wildflowers. Check out these cuties here.

BUT SERIOUSLY. The Botanical Gardens is killin me this spring — it’s insanely beautiful and I can’t get enough of these amazing azaleas! See Emily’s bloom-filled session here.


Favourite Piece of Encouragement

I photographed my first wedding five years ago this month! It was sweet reflecting on how much I’ve grown as an artist, business owner and the many other hats I wear. I’ve been encouraged by God’s kindness in entrusting me with this job. It’s truly a privilege!


What I’ve Been Working On….

Staying awake? Ha, but really, it’s been a crazy month!! Multiple sessions a week, launching into wedding season, editing away, sipping on coffee, hanging out with friends and finishing Parenthood. Haha!