The Glimpse: November 2021

This month I celebrated a nephew and niece’s birthdays!! 

These two – now three – “niblings” have my heart, and I loved getting to go home two weekends in a row for 24 hours to celebrate them. Brynlee is now SIX and Joshua is THREE – I can’t believe it! I also got to sneak in snuggles with six-week-old Isaac who is just a precious baby!



This month I was convicted of the Bible’s command to Sabbath.

Do I do it often? Nope. In reading the book, “Ten Words To Live By,” Jen Wilkin unpacks this commandment and takes it deeper than I ever thought possible. Sabbath isn’t just taking a whole day once a week (or once every few months, woops), but it’s really a rhythm and way of living. It’s recognizing that we can experience rest in the Lord by attuning our hearts to Him and choosing things that are life-giving. So, two friends and I began a weekly tradition of walking at the Botanical Gardens. And goodness, it was SO GOOD.



Per usual, I spent a lot of time with Rach. 

She’s one of the best gifts to my life and I love being her work buddy and best friend! It’s my goal to match every day, so I just keep buying her things to match me 😂



This month I celebrated Thanksgiving in Atlanta.

You’re correct, it’s not an English holiday 😉 But we do celebrate it now!



This month we hosted a shower for a sweet friend 

In recent years, I’ve discovered a deep love for planning parties. I love making people feel honoured, special and welcomed in my home. It was no different for our friend Grace, and we had a blast eating Parisian-themed food, playing wedding games and making flower arrangements!



This month I celebrated my sister in Ellijay, Georgia. 

Her sweet bachelorette weekend in the mountains was full of treats, warm socks and hats, yummy meals and exploring the cute town of Ellijay!



This month I got to worship with 2500 other people at my church. 

Phil Wickham, Brandon Lake and Pat Barrett hosted a worship night a few weeks ago, and it was a beautiful scene watching so many people worship in one room post-pandemic. I shot the first three songs and then got to worship for the rest of the time – such a gift and kinda a dream night!



This month I photographed precious weddings and couples. 

Each one was up for adventure, had infectiously joyful personalities and truly trusted me to do my craft. Those are so many of my favourite couples – the ones that trust!



This month we gathered for the third annual Windsor Star lighting! 

Three years ago, my old neighbours and I (I like to refer to it as the “Homewood version of FRIENDS” because we were at each others’ houses every night) decided to hang a massive star in the middle of the street, between the chimney of one house and a tree of another. It became a thing and this year around 30 people, including precious neighbourhood kids, to watch the star lighting and eat cookies! I love community events like this!



This month I photographed 12 mini sessions! 

Incredible trees, precious people, big smiles and beautiful locations. These were all taken at Botanical Gardens and I was just drooooling over these trees!



Here’s to the holidays, friends!!! I hope you had a happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the beginning of December!