Rebekah + Clark: Proposal at Sibyl Temple

There are few things that compare to witnessing a proposal. Full of pure joy, excitement and promise for the future, proposals warm my heart almost as much as watching that couple finally say “I do!”

Rebekah is a very dear friend of mine, so this proposal in particular was an extra special one to capture. It was her birthday weekend, and I think it’s safe to say she received the best birthday present EVER.



Rebekah and Clark departed from a birthday dinner with her family and Rebekah knew something was up. She told me, “Everyone was strangely dressed up! My family doesn’t like dressing up, so it was really weird.” Clark mentioned that he had one more birthday present waiting for her at Sibyl ┬áTemple at the top of Hwy. 31.

When they arrived, Clark dropped to one knee with tears streaming down his face. Naturally, I hid in a bush to capture it all!



Rebekah couldn’t stop jumping with glee! Their smiles and love for each other were truly infectious. But the excitement didn’t stop there. We continued well into the night celebrating them both at their engagement party and thanking the Lord for the beautiful work He’s done in each of their lives.

Gathered around a piano, we worshiped, listened to their proposal story, and offered prayers of blessings and love for their future together.