Cathryn + Quincy: Family Session in Mt. Laurel, AL

I recently had the pleasure of capturing some heartwarming family photos with Cathryn and her adorable daughter, Quincy.

Cathryn chose to shoot at her parent’s beautiful home in the adorable town of Mt. Laurel, AL. The home and it’s surrounding land provided a stunning setting for our photoshoot! Quincy especially loved picking all the purple flowers she found in the grass.



As you saw above, Quincy had the cutest bow on, but she loved trying to pick it off her head! The bow might not have lasted long, but it did make for some cute photos!



Cathryn’s parents have the most beautiful home in Mt. Laurel. The warm, golden light streaming in through the windows created a cozy and intimate atmosphere. Quincy’s smile was radiant, and she especially loved whenever her grandpa would walk into the room and smile at her from behind the camera.



At the end of our session, as the sun finally dipped below the horizon, I knew I had captured some truly special moments between Cathryn and Quincy. It’s such an honour to be allowed into someone’s life to photograph families at each and every stage, and I look forward to hopefully seeing these two sweet girls again in the future!