The Glimpse: February 2020

This month, I spent time in some of my favourite places… home in Atlanta, home in Birmingham, New York City, downtown for photoshoots and at friends’ houses. It was full of photoshoots and lots of work. Energy spent, but energy gained. So excited to share February’s adventures with you!

Favourite Moment

Walking through the streets of New York with my college bestie this month. We met the very first day of college in the Samford A Cappella Choir (my pride and joy!!) and have been besties ever since. I went to New York for four days truly just to spend time with her, no agenda. We ended up walking, talking and eating our way through the city as the wind blew us. We had great conversation, as always, and it was a gift to just be together! I was really thankful for slow mornings drinking coffee and sitting by her big windows. And we got to actually see a ton!

Favourite News

It’s not really news, but Valentine’s sessions were the greatest! I had so many amazing people in front of my camera who made the day super high-energy and special.

Funniest Moment

Funniest or most embarrassing, you decide! Abi and I walked into an Indian restaurant in New York City greeted by millions (just a guess) of Christmas lights. After a delicious Indian meal, I got my hair stuck in a lightbulb HA! I stood there for about 30 seconds trying to pull my hair out while people stared at me. Abi had already left the restaurant but I stood there like a right old melon trying to yank my hair out of this light fixture. HAHA! Classic Eleanor.


Favourite Personal Picture

I had the greatest weekend with my little sister when she came to Birmingham! Sarah and I are very close and can talk about everything and nothing, eat similar foods, find similar things funny and can always be convinced to have a photoshoot together. You can check out her stay with me here! 

I can’t explain it, but I REALLY love working with these dudes. Never a dull moment, they either boo or applaud my Bible jokes, no idea is ever “bad,” their creativity inspires me and we have so much fun working together. Just really thankful for them!

Looking back at my job at Samford, I am sooo grateful for my experience there. It was demanding, but I got to develop a whole brand strategy alongside a phenomenal marketing agency; understand all the ins and outs of writing/shooting/designing with precise brand characteristics in mind; act as a liason between businesses, constituents and students and create fresh content based on the same product day after day.

It’s a full circle moment shooting for ALL their 2020-2021 admission materials, because I know the brand like the back of my hand (and probably better… could I spot my hand in a line up of other hands? Who knows). I love connecting with students, creating a fun shoot experience, experimenting with new ways to shoot a campus I’ve been on for nine years and getting to collaborate with really great coworkers. This month, I got to shoot with them at the Atlanta Braves stadium and it was awesome!


Favourite Education

It’s not photography-related… but I wanted to share something I learned in Leviticus 16:

VERSE 23: “Then Aaron shall come into the tent of meeting and shall take off the linen garments that he put on when he went into the Holy Place and shall leave them there.” FORESHADOWING ABOUT JESUS LEAVING HIS LINEN GARMENTS IN THE TOMB! AFTER THE SACRIFICE, HE LEFT THE GARMENTS TO SYMBOLIZE THAT IT IS DONE!!! MIND COMPLETELY BLOWN. The Bible is cool.

Favourite Photograph

Ann + Jackson absolutely smashed their session! The sun came out to play and we were all happy campers. I can’t wait for their May wedding at Aldridge Gardens!
Evan, Carin and I went to college together. We had a blast hanging out in Brooklyn for their engagement session!

What I’ve Been Working On….

Working at Shades! I’ve transitioned to working part time back at my church. My position has shifted in a really exciting way that fits my skill set, and I’ve loved being surrounded by great friends and working with an incredible team.


Hope you had a February! Bring it on, March!