The Glimpse: January 2019

Favourite Moment

I loooooved spending time with Melissa from Gracefully Made Art this month! She is an absolute boss at what she does (calligraphy) and it was really fun to style flatlays with her. I arrived at her house with six bags, one reflector, lots of props, two styling boards, three bouquets of flowers and my cameras. You’d think I’d be Mr. Olympia by now carrying all that stuff! (That’s a funny mental picture) It was a sweet sight to step back and see flower clippings, ribbons, cameras, invitation suites and props surrounding my feet.

Favourite News

When Kelsie girl got engaged! She’s one of my besties, and Caroline and I helped scheme the whole day. We were there for the proposal and got to help plan the after party. It was a great day!

Funniest Moment

When I dressed up as a bridesmaid and was in a music video! My crazy-talented friend Ethan Milner filmed a promo video for the crazy-talented band Act of Congress, so I made some new friends, threw on a bridesmaid dress and did a little acting. And by acting, I mean walking with a lot of direction. Ha!

Favourite Personal Picture

My two favourite moments of January: snuggling my nephew Joshua, and sitting on the floor eating breakfast and studying scripture. A lot of my time lately has been spent in the Word and I’m thankful that’s my reality!

Favourite Photograph

Doesn’t this just exude joy?! I love the warmth, beaming sun, inspiring love and the way TJ held Kelsie.

Favourite Piece of Encouragement

Fair warning: these are temporary tattoos! Not real ones 😉 I’ve been encouraged by the fact that God is with us – Emmanuel. He is ever-seeing, ever-knowing, ever-caring. Nothing escapes His view.

What I’ve Been Working On….

It’s the beginning of the year, so I spent some time goal setting, mapping out tasks, editing, re-organizing and re-designing some pieces for clients. I’m ready for January to be over, though!