The Glimpse: March 2019

Favourite Moment

Sitting on the beach wrapped up in a blanket, reading “Hinds’ Feet on High Places.” The wind blasted my pale face and my feet shivered on the cold sand, but it was soooo worth it to be with my fam and beside the sea for 30 hours.

I’m not sure if I’ve shared this before, but Emily, Krystal and I live across the street from Andrew, Stewart and Steven. It’s basically like the suburban version of FRIENDS (minus all the inappropriate stuff, ha!). We’re grateful to have awesome neighbours who double as friends, board game enthusiasts and handymen. This is us in our natural habitat… on the couch eating Boom Chicka Pop and ice cream.


Favourite News

Brad + Krista got engaged! I had the honour of photographing the surprise proposal and reactions as all her family and friends surprised her! Check out this sweet session here.


Funniest Moment

Painting my hand all sorts of colours and working with the Visual Arts Team at Shades to create our Easter branding! We smashed some glass balls, flung paint everywhere and wore hazmat suits.


Favourite Personal Picture

Matching with my sis! We found the same shirt at Old Navy (where else) and decided we didn’t even care because we liked the shirt so much, ha!

Katie, David and I became fast friends once they hired me to photograph their engagement and upcoming June wedding. I have loved getting to know their fun personalities and keeping in touch regularly. What a gift!

Shooting weddings with Alex (left) and getting to see besties (Caroline, right) at said weddings!

Favourite Education

I’ve been loving Justin + Mary’s lighting course. So much, in fact, that I’ve been staying up until 9:30 p.m. every night watching them! It’s always good and exhilarating to push oneself to get better at a craft.


Favourite Photograph

I loved going to the top of Lover’s Leap in Hoover and capturing Rusty + Michelle’s love! Their May wedding at the house they’re building is going to be a super special time and I’m thrilled to be photographing it!

Katie + Bradley’s session at the Botanical Gardens was so rad. Read more about it here!

Mary + Caleb’s wedding was a DREAM. They focused on all the important things, honoured their guests and were soooo peaceful all day. I can’t wait to share this wedding day with you!

Favourite Piece of Encouragement

As spring has finally sprung and flowers have come out to play, I’ve realized this… When we see the beauty of the Gospel of Jesus, we see the wonder of creation much easier. And when we see the intricacies of creation, we see the glory of the Gospel. Lift up your eyes to the heavens today, receive the gift of daily salvation and let your heaven-tinted glasses help you to see beauty around you.


What I’ve Been Working On….

Where to even begin?! This month has held so many sessions, a few sweet weddings, working from coffee shops with best friends, editing editing editing and watching education courses until I fall asleep! Two of my favourite days, though, were shooting for a total of 17 hours at my dear Samford! I got to work with Katie, my new friend who actually took my old job! The sunrise over Reid was a stunner, and Katie was so fun to work with.