The Glimpse: May 2021

May was fulllllll of joy, friends, work, goodbyes, weddings, travel and family time!


This month I photographed some amazing people.

From the Hollands‘ vibrant spring wedding and the Stallings‘ celebration to a host of sessions like Maggie + Evan, Jessi + Landon, Kirsten + Andrew, Ann + Jackson and Christina + Evan, it was a full and fun month! 



This month I left our team at Shades to pursue full time photography.

It’s been a long time coming! I’ve been working around 60-70 hours a week for the past 3.5 years, and I worked at my church simply because I loved it. Our team has been a great support, comic relief, source of inspiration and friendship. I will miss these guys, but I am loving my new schedule! 



This month I celebrated some friends!

Lauren is about to become a mama to sweet Wells, and my dear friend Madeline married the love of her life! Last picture is all credit to the wonderful Meg Gray



This month I went on a girls trip.

With some of the girls pictured above! Katy, Emily, Andrea, Madeline and I have been friends since eighth grade, and there’s nothing sweeter than friendships that have stood the test of time. Unfortunately Madeline wasn’t able to join (something about a honeymoon 😉) but we ate yummy food, watched all the “To All The Boys” movies, walked a lot and talked while observing pretty views.



This month I spent time with some of my very favourites.

Dad visited Birmingham for a few hours (we fit in a lot during that time, including a walk at good old Samford, bow wow), Rach + I worked together most days and I spent a weekend with my family, which included an old fashioned water fight with the littles!



Summer is my favourite season by far, so I’m excited for what the rest of the summer holds! I hope you have a happy June!