10 Huntsville, Alabama Date Ideas | Eleanor Stenner

October 30, 2019

Sometimes life can get in the way of actually dating. If you and your significant other have been together for a long time, there’s a tendency to cruise and not continue pursuing the other. But if you’re in love, there will always be things to discover about them. My encouragement to any and all couples is this: never stop dating. Time flies by, and months can go by without intentional time together. So this blog post is purposed to provide ideas for a fun date night!

Do you ever run out of date ideas with your babe? Here are 15 ideas for fun dates in Huntsville, ranging from free to fancy!

1. Picnic at Big Spring Park

It’s in the heart of the city, and even the wildlife love it! Wander around the park for hours, eat a thoughtful picnic and maybe venture into the Museum of Art, situated right at the corner of the park.


2. Dancing at Huntsville Swing Dance Society.

Ready to get your dancing shoes on and try something new? Join many others in Huntsville for a fun night learning all types of swing dancing. It might be nerve-racking at first… but adventure awaits!


3. Cycle downtown with Pace Bikes.

The best way to a see a city is to cycle through it. You see things that you wouldn’t in a car or on a bus tour. Cycle through the heart of downtown past parks, mix-used developments, restaurants and businesses.



4. Live Music at Good Company Café

“I saw ____ in concert at a small venue before they became famous!” is something you hear from friends. You never know which upcoming artist you could see in concert just at a coffee shop!


5. Dinner at Pints and Pixels

Arcade games galore and super good food! Both guys and girls will love this eatery with a side of competition!


6. Topgolf and dinner at Commerce Kitchen

Forget putt-putt and go for the big leagues at Topgolf! Dates where a guy or girl can teach the other something are super fun. It’s empowering, a bit flirty and super enjoyable for both parties. Then eat the victory (or stress) away at Commerce Kitchen!


7. Little Rosie’s Taqueria

…needs no explanation. If you’ve ever been to Huntsville, you’ve probably been to Little Rosie’s! It’s the best casual Mexican restaurant in Huntsville and you’ll leave being a lifelong fan.


8. Dinner at Panavino and Museum of Art

Want something a little more classy and cultured? Grab some pizza in the Museum of Art, then spend some time wandering around the museum. Try learning about one specific artist together and then watch a documentary or YouTube video about them afterward!


9. Civil Axe Throwing and dinner at Cotton Row

Now, I wouldn’t suggest going civil axe throwing on a first date!! Just to be safe 😉 But this date requires some bravery, teaching points, laughter and a little workout while still having fun!



10. Dinner at AM Booth’s Lumberyard

This is such a fun space! They have live events almost every night, a space that gets transformed into a variety of looks and fantastic food.