Where To Take Engagement Photos in Birmingham, AL

Are you engaged and still wondering where to take engagement photos? Thinking of locations for your engagement session can be daunting! It can feel like a lot of pressure choosing a place that’s meaningful, beautiful, full of life and a reflection of your personalities. But no fear, here are 10 of the best Birmingham engagement session locations! Tried and true, these are some of my favourites to take memorable couple portraits. Cheers to you + your fiancée!


1. Linn Park

It’s right on the outskirts of downtown, but it’s one of my favourites with a lot of variety! The backdrop of the courthouse is pristine, and there are many trees, a beautiful fountain and walkways.




2. Botanical Gardens

Always a classic! Botanical Gardens has acres of land and every corner has a different perspective. I never really tire of sessions here with the combination of lush grass, seasonal flowers, little streams and segmented gardens. It’s one of Birmingham’s most prized pieces of land!



2.5. Botanical Gardens Greenhouse

Within the gardens themselves lives the greenhouse that is magically green all year long. On rainy days or in the chilly winter months, this location is the perfect spot for couples that still want that vibrant greenery in their engagement photos! Be sure to check out the cactus room for something a little more unique 😉



3. Railroad Park

It’s the hub of downtown! Railroad Park is a great place to bring dogs, go on walks and experience things like group Zumba, Symphony in the Summer, food trucks, concerts and scenic views! The light hits the grasses just perfectly closer to sunset, so it’s always a fun time!



4. U.S. Federal Courthouse

…yes, it’s in Birmingham! This marble beauty stands as a pillar in the middle of the city, but it’s also a great backdrop for classy sessions!



5. Samford University

I’m a little biased, but I believe it’s the most beautiful school in the Southeast… if not the nation. Samford’s Georgian architecture is unparalleled, and the Quad provides luscious greenery, quaint hideaways and stunning backdrops.



6. Morris Avenue

It’s a staple in Birmingham, and it still has the original cobblestone street from when Birmingham was founded! It houses a peanut shop, Heidi Elnora, Carrigan’s, The Essential, a chocolate shop and beautiful walls and backdrops.



7. Jemison Trail

When golden hour strikes, this place turns into a fairyland! With a stream running through, you have endless options for stunning portraits here.



8. Lover’s Leap

Right on the edge of  a cliff (are you nervous yet?) stands a smattering of rocks and a treeline that exposes the city of Hoover.



9. The Pedestrian Bridge

With 360-degree incredible views of the Birmingham skyline, this location is for the couple that loves their city! It’s edgy, fun, and a little outside the box, perfect for a unique Bham couple!



10. Crest Road

Potentially my favourite location in all of Birmingham. Shoot along the road and capture the gorgeous architecture of the surrounding homes, or venture onto the cliff for a stunning sunset session with views of the city!



11. Grants Mill

If you’re ready to brave the weeds at Grants Mill, I promise, it’s worth it. With stunning views and lush foliage even in those colder months, this location is always a favourite.



12. Oak Mountain

Perfect lakeside views, hiking vibes, and gorgeous colors Spring through Fall! Oak Mountain State Park is always on my list for a cool, outdoorsy couple.



13. Rotary Trail

The Magic City sign is a classic Birmingham monument! If Bham is a part of your love story, honor it with a gorgeous engagement session on the Rotary Trail!



14. Red Mountain

With its dense greenery, scenic trails, and stunning views, Red Mountain Park in Birmingham, AL, provides a picturesque setting for any engagement session!



Photographer’s Choice

Few things rival the excitement I feel when a couple approaches me to ask for help crafting a truly unique engagement session. The following locations & activities are one’s I’ve only shot once, but left me wishing for so much more! They’re fun, flirty, adventurous and a little outside the box, but that’s what makes them so great!


1. The Tennis Court

Amber and Troy met on a tennis court, so it’s only fitting to include their favourite hobby in their engagement session. Think about the hobbies that you and your fiancé share together and consider adding that element into your photos!



2. Rent a Classic Car

Rachel and Brandon were the epitome of class, so naturally we had a classy car accompany us during our session! Afterwards they took a ride around town with the top down, and it made for a pretty incredible date night.



3. Grab a Drink

Jack and Johanna wanted their session to demonstrate their love exactly how it looks in real life! So we stopped by one of their favourite hang-out spots to grab a drink, relax and capture their relationship au naturel.


4. The Golf Course

Jackson just happens to be a pro-golfer, and he and Ema thought it would be fun to incorporate his incredible talent into their session!


5. Ride Electric Scooters

Caroline and Austin absolutely adore their neighborhood in Atlanta, GA, and wanted to show it off by renting scooters and riding around their favourite spots!


6. Grab a Sweet Treat

We stopped for ice cream during Henderson and Davis’s engagement session, and boy was it the right move. It helped create so many sweet (pun intended) and candid moments, creating some of my favourite photos from their shoot!


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