Best Birmingham Alabama Wedding Venues: Part I

October 11, 2019

Recently I had the pleasure of embarking on “Tour De Birmingham Venues.” It was so much fun to meet venue coordinators and find out alllll sorts of helpful information about the best places in Birmingham to get married! Not to mention, spending an hour in each of these stunning locations was kind of a dream. I mean, what a great thing to live in a city with venue options that cater to every bride’s style!

My hope is to be a helpful resource for current and future couples as they make decisions on where to celebrate their marriage. So, without further ado, I’m excited to share some of my Birmingham favourites with you, complete with helpful information and pictures for each place! Scroll to the bottom and venture over to part two!


The Theodore

This is a stunning venue – opened just a few years ago – that has white stamped brick, tons of natural light and large spaces to accomodate guests and the wedding party. It’s extremely spacious and has so much potential for creativity! With beautifully tiled bathrooms and grand, historic doors, this is definitely a winner. If you’re looking for a grand exit, large space for many guests and an industrial vibe, look no further.

Venue Facts:

• Fits up to 800, with 300 being a sweet spot

• Two massive spaces separated by a wall

• Outside area to extend the party

• Built-in bar


Iron City

Right in the heart of downtown, Iron City is most known for its concert scene. But on the weekends it turns into a magnificent wedding venue! The staff is amazing and walking into this venue feels like there’s a party about to start. If you’re looking for a venue with room to get your groove on, mingle and eat good food to celebrate, this is it!

Venue Facts:

• Fits up to 800, with 200 being a sweet spot

• Venue is attached to Iron City Grille, with an extensive menu

• Upstairs and downstairs seating options

• Built-in bar

• Flexible with vendors


Yellow Branch Plantation

This venue is a breath of fresh air! The beautiful stillness will lure you in, along with the breathtaking views, cozy rooms and large space. Nestled on a perfect 800 acres, it’s just south of Birmingham… one of those places for a perfect retreat. Wedding party and family can choose to spend the night before at Yellow Branch, and this venue has really outdone itself when it comes to the rooms and bathrooms.

Venue Facts:

• Fits up to 300, with 150-200 being a sweet spot

• Private porch for bride + groom to eat the first meal

• 4-5 bedrooms and bathrooms

• Two venue options: main cabin or open hillside chapel

• Lake and beach area


Swann Lake Stables

The individual stables are named after horses owned by the family, and there are personal touches everywhere. It’s a high-class yet family-owned business (think the Chick-fil-A of wedding venues). With brilliant client service, openness to creativity and a stunning location, Swann Lake Stables is one of my favourites!

Venue Facts:

• Fits up to 300, with 215-250 being a sweet spot

• No required vendors

• Two ceremony options: inside/outside the stables or by the Cahaba River

• Getting ready space and bedroom

• Outdoor lawn for games or a firepit


Hoover Randle Home and Gardens

It’s historic and right on the cusp of Hoover. It’s slightly tucked away, but if you drive past it there’s no mistaking that this venue is gorgeous! At every twist and turn walking through the house, there’s incredible art and hand crafted furniture. With an inviting and warm feel, there’s no doubt that a wedding at this venue is a family affair.

Venue Facts:

• Fits up to 200

• No required vendors

• Indoor and outdoor ceremony options

• Four upstairs bedrooms

• Large groom suite with private entrance

• 16-seater table



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