2022 Eleanor Stenner Photography Recap

This year held 20 weddings, 59 minis, 50 portrait sessions and 24 brand sessions. Each client was such a joy and had a unique story to tell.



That’s what photography is to me — storytellingTo be entrusted with anything from headshots to newborns to wedding days is a remarkable honour, because people are inviting me in to incredibly vulnerable, monumental occasions.

It might be a senior’s first time in front of the camera, in which case I am tasked with acknowledging their hesitancies and helping them feel confident and beautiful in their skin.

It might be a new mother’s first week changing a diaper, in which case I like to provide a safe space for them to figure out parenthood while taking memory-making pictures.

It might be a couple’s first time taking pictures together that entail more than an arm slung around a shoulder, in which case I desire to provide an experience that fosters a fun date and provide images that showcase their relationship as they approach marriage.

It might be coming alongside a business owner who has a vision but is unsure how to convey their messaging. In which case, I take it upon myself to understand their company, interpret their words and execute a creative vision.



Whatever situation I encounter, I love the challenge of disarming people … of getting on their level to see what makes them tick, what makes them laugh, what tears down any feeling of being uncomfortable. I love getting to coax someone’s true personality out, even with a camera in their face.

That said, thank you for letting me in to your world this year! It was a true and utter joy. Now, for this year’s recap!



Every story is unique, every wedding day is different and every couple brings their personality to the experience. So, I’m going to share my favourite memory from each wedding day below! Buckle up!



The Contrerases

Favourite moment: Abby and Alex shared vows in a private moment during their first look, and they both shed tears. It was one of the most tender wedding day experiences I’ve had, watching them share an intimate moment from afar. Check out their blog here.



The Alisons

Favourite moment: Jackie’s maid of honour grabbed my camera during the reception and had the best time snapping pictures. It was so fun to see the camera in someone else’s hands and the fun she had with it! Check out their blog here.



The Dukes

Favourite moment: Their dance floor was so much fun, and they did the Braves chop and UGA fight song! It was hilarious watching their whole bridal party join in. Check out their blog here.



The Deeses

Favourite moment: Well, this wedding deserves the most blog space because it was my sister’s wedding day! We celebrated the wholeeee weekend. Our family is very close, so Sarah planned special first looks for everyone. For me, it was a wild wedding day because I was playing sister, bridesmaid and photographer! Meghan Gray and Steph Cody joined me as incredible photographers to capture the whole day from every vantage point when I was on stage for the ceremony. I loved that Sarah and Austin ended the reception with the song, “Do The Propeller” because my niece and nephew love it! Check out their blog here.



The Moorehouses

Favourite moment: Sarah and Chase sharing their favourite drinks during bride and groom portraits. They did a little toast to each other and had fun for a few minutes before the craziness of their reception!



The Coggins

Favourite moment: Honestly, this whole day was such a gift. Hannah and David have contagious personalities, and I loved watching Hannah dote on David all day long. But my favourite moment was watching Hannah run down a pathway at the reception and tackle-hug David from behind. It was a simple, sweet moment probably nobody else saw, but I loved it so much. Check out their blog here.



The Morgans

Favourite moment: Helping Lauren get ready! I helped button her dress and put her bracelet on, and it was so sweet spending time encouraging her and reminding her how beautiful she is. She chose to get ready in the ballroom at American Village with just her Mum, so it was a very tender, quiet morning. Check out their blog here.



The Langners

Favourite moment: Holy smokes, this whole day was amazing! From a late night snack to helicopter exit to the bounce house, Andi and Trigg crafted an epic day. I loved their cold spark exit the most, and the fact that Trigg’s dad tried to hug him during the exit kiss, hahahaha. Check out their blog here.



The Pantazises

Favourite moment: I spent the whole weekend with them from rehearsal dinner to the exit, and gosh their families are the coolest. I loved the Greek dancing at the rehearsal and Christina’s face when her bridesmaids surprised her with a congratulatory video from her favourite reality TV star! Check out their blog here.



The Harlesses

Favourite moment: Mary Katherine and Shane’s first look was so special. The love in their eyes is undeniable, and I felt so honoured being let in to that moment! Check out their blog here.



The Darlingtons

Favourite moment: Angela’s first look with her Dad was so emotional and special, and then the morning of the wedding, Angela and her bridesmaids spent some time in worship with a guitar and their voices. It was unique and I love that they prioritized praising Jesus. Check out their blog here.



The Stewarts

Favourite moment: In the last few moments of our portrait time, the sprinklers went off! It was so funny because my second shooter jumped to block the sprinkler from hitting the bride, and my first instinct was to whip out my camera and document the whole thing. It was so funny seeing my first instinct! Check out their blog here.



The Funderburks

Favourite moment: Britt and Kayla’s dance party was unrivaled … flips, swing dancing and sweating to the illustrious Tim Tyler’s music. Check out their blog here.



The Tassefs

Favourite moment: sunsets portraits at the end of the day were stunning from the very top of the city. Spending time with these two felt like hanging out with friends! Check out their blog here.



The Phillipses

Favourite moment: It was on-and-off rainy all day. We were all a little stressed trying to decide if we should move the ceremony inside, but right as the bridal party walked down the aisle, the sun broke out unexpectedly and it was as if the Lord was saying, “I’m pleased with this.” It was a beautiful moment! Check out their blog here.



The Chiangs

Favourite moment: Sean’s parents gifted him and Melissa with a pendant that’s been part of their Chinese heritage for years. It brought me to tears hearing Sean’s parents speak blessings over their marriage. Check out their blog here.



The Humphreys

Favourite moment: Christina is the most thoughtful and selfless bride I’ve perhaps ever met. Every detail she planned was for the benefit of others, and she was always checking on people and putting them before herself. Check out their blog here.



The Bryans

Favourite moment: Allll day long, Phil + Emily were the life of the party. I can’t explain enough how much FUN these two are individually AND together. Check out their blog here.



The Ferkos

Favourite moment: I mean, how could it be anything other than that glorious sunset? It rained most of the day, so it was such a gift from God to send a rainbow and impeccable, mind-blowing, breath-taking sunset! Check out their blog here.



The Donahues

Favourite moment: Their homily during the ceremony was so good, I ended up asking for the manuscript! It was the best wedding sermon I’ve ever heard about the grace of God, the beauty of our stories and the joy of a covenant. Check out their blog here.



What a year it’s been! Thank you for coming along for the ride, for your support of my company and for all the memories you’ve allowed me to create and document. 2023 is already looking so fun and I can’t wait to be part of more memory-making for countless families, couples and individuals! Happy New Year!