Puppets, Photoshoots, Apples and a Music Hall

Today I got the chance to travel around quite a bit! After devotions which centered our mindset around the Father and how He can make the desert like fresh springs, I took pictures at the puppet team’s 10 o’clock assembly. They explained and acted out the story of American folk character Johnny Appleseed, a godly man who spread the gospel meanwhile planting apple seeds all over the States. The primary school children loved the skit!

Next, I got to see the Gurnos Christian Center that John Dyer oversees. They do a lot of reach out and are getting a great response. It’s amazing to hear stories of how God has transformed people through this ministry that’s only been in existence for a few years.

After that, John and I helped set up at Lighthouse Church for a family photo day. I was able to take a couple of family shots, but we unfortunately had to leave early. From what I’ve heard, Jessie McDaniel took pictures like a pro!

We then dropped by a leaders meeting with a bunch of pastors. It was great to hear their hearts–encouraging one another to stand strong and expressing their desire to stay in close communication not just on mission but throughout the year. We whisked a guy called Mark off to also film his testimony outside Cyfartha Park. He described his gloriously redemptive story in two minutes–quite impressive, and quite a story!

The afternoon was full of going to another school to photograph another team presenting the story of Johnny Appleseed. The kids were verrrrrry enthusiastic–probably because it was almost home time!

The gospel presentation in Neath two years ago was extremely powerful–the church was jam packed and people who were watching from outside, standing in the rain, got saved! So we have been back to Neath the past couple of years. Tonight, we think that about 80 percent of the audience were unsaved. It was honestly not the easiest tonight–the people felt very….limp, if that’s the word. The enemy has a strong hold on Wales after years of spiritual dryness. Please pray for this dear country. Nonetheless, the gospel was proclaimed, and proclaimed powerfully. We are still praying for an outpouring. Reminded by Amy Wilbanks this evening, “not my will, but Yours be done” is our prayer.

Exciting things happening this weekend. I’ll keep you posted…literally.

Please pray for the following:

1) The breaking of spiritual bonds

2) My hard drive is full. Not a good sign when we still have five days left, lots of pictures to take and no external hard drive.

3) For numbers not to distract us from thanking God for salvations. May He save just a few to their core rather than the masses only halfheartedly.

4) For us to pour ourselves out as drink offerings! For us to be wise about getting rest, but also persevering and staying joyful through tiredness

5) For salvation in this land! For obvious salvation in us

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