The Glimpse: December 2021

It’s the last post of the year, can ya believe it?

Before we begin, in case you missed it all, here are links to each of the glimpse blog posts from 2021. A lot of fun travels, shoots, family time, adventures and lessons learned are wrapped up in these posts, and I love being able to document life in this way to share with you!

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Now, let’s begin …


This month, my roomie graduated from seminary! 

She finished with two degrees — yes, TWO — and I’m so proud of her. Watching her day-in and day-out work full time and do homework whenever she could was so admirable, but I’m THRILLED that she is finished! Watch out, world, we’ve got a lot of fun coming our way in our little home. Kel and I went to the spa for an afternoon (why had we not done that before … it was phenomenal) and we also threw a big bash to celebrate her.



This month, our friend Grace got married! 

You’re getting to know my angel roommate on this blog today. She does everything .. full time student ministry, wedding hair, wedding coordinating … and it was so fun doing Grace + Christopher’s wedding together! It was truly a joyous, calm and beautiful day.



This month Santa was at a wedding! 

I have a lot of great wedding stories from over the years, but having Santa present was really one of a kind! Elizabeth + Andrew’s wedding was so much fun, and Santa made their dreams come true!



This month I had a lot of good time with friends. 

Whether they were walks at Botanical Gardens, dinner around a table, holding friends’ babies or with a dog, it was sweet time celebrating the season.



This month I did a giveaway! 

I teamed up with Birmingham Picnic Company to give away a free one-hour stylized picnic and 30-minute photo session. We had sooo much fun, and the sunset was made up of dreams. This blog was also published – how to plan the perfect surprise proposal – so head over there for some good prompts to think through!



I worked pretty hard wrapping up the year … 

… and sometimes you’ve just gotta take a little cat nap in the middle of the day!



This month I celebrated Christmas with my family! 

I love the little kiddos running around and seeing their excitement over the Christmas story. Brynlee was all about Jesus this year, Joshua just wanted presents and Isaac was pretty content napping through the whole thing. It’s been great spending time chilling at home before the new year!