2023 Eleanor Stenner Photography Recap


I’m not sure you’re ready for this blog post. It contains an image from every portrait session I photographed in 2023 and a highlight of every wedding. The reason I love photographing in Birmingham, Al is because you can drive just about anywhere in 15 minutes and have all sorts of scenery options at your fingertips. From the sunsets at Crest Road and crunchy fall leaves at Samford, to the downtown pedestrian bridge views to the cobblestone Morris Avenue, it’s essentially the best place to live. I’m so thankful for everyone who gave me the privilege of celebrating them in each season!




In 2023, there was a noticeable shift towards authenticity and personalization in wedding photography. Couples embraced unique settings, incorporating elements that reflected their individuality and love stories. From breathtaking outdoor ceremonies to ceremonies in churches with much meaning … it was truly a year I’ll never forget. Are you ready for a recap?



January 20, 2023

Erin + Mike Leake | Primrose Cottage, Marietta, Georgia



February 18, 2023

Kate + Jonathan Metz | Redeemer Community Church and Bridge Street Gallery and Loft, Birmingham, Alabama



March 4, 2023

Kelly + Blake Sellers | Shades Mountain Baptist Church and Vestavia Country Club, Birmingham, Alabama



March 18, 2023

Abbey + Jacob Ellison | Dawson Memorial Baptist Church, Birmingham, Alabama



March 25, 2023

Jessie + Blake Hughes | The Fennec, Birmingham, Alabama



April 15, 2023

Emily + David Hope | Watermark Community Church, Dallas, Texas



April 22, 2023

Abbi + Dylan Shadinger | The Farrell, Birmingham, Alabama



April 29, 2023

Morgan + Jackson Menefee | The Lumpkin House, Guntersville, Alabama



May 6, 2023

Nicole + Ben Bryant | New Water Farms, Lake Martin, Alabama



May 13, 2023

Taylor + Hunter Green | Abigail, Albany, Georgia



May 20, 2023

Erin + Payton Gardner | The Farrell, Birmingham, Alabama



June 3, 2023

Beth + Jamieson Matthews | Meadowbrook Baptist Church, Birmingham, Alabama



June 10, 2023

Michelle + Drew Faulk | The Barn at Shady Lane, Birmingham, Alabama




June 17, 2023

Caroline + Carter Cabe | Homewood Church of Christ + The Vulcan, Birmingham, Alabama



July 15, 2023

Kellee + Ryan Dobbs | Prince of Peace + Haven, Birmingham, Alabama



August 5, 2023

Niki Baren + Brenden Smith | Prince of Peace + Park Crest, Birmingham, Alabama



August 12, 2023

Curran + Ben Salter | Mountain Chapel United Methodist Church + The Club, Birmingham, Alabama



August 19, 2023

Riley + Emily Cain | The Barn at Shady Lane, Birmingham, Alabama



September 16, 2023

Cherie + Andrew Parrish | Timber Valley Lodge, Fayette, Alabama



September 21, 2023

Lorraine + Daniel Alner | The Glass House, Scottsboro, Alabama



September 23, 2023

Abby + Aaron Francis | The Barn at Shady Lane, Birmingham, Alabama



September 30, 2023

Henderson + Davis Webb | St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, Birmingham, Alabama



October 28, 2023

Annie + Mark Chodaba | St. Luke’s Episcopal Church + The Club, Birmingham, Alabama



November 4, 2023

Hollie + Jeffrey Bolan | The Glass House, Scottsboro, Alabama



What a sheer gift this year has been! 9 cities. 24 couples. Endless laughs, countless squeals, many happy tears and memories that I love recounting. Thank you for sharing in my joy by reading this blog post!!! Happy New Year, folks!